Take Our 90-Day Test Drive & See Actual Results with Your Fleet

The Value Discovery Program (VDP) is the critical first step for improving your fleet. It is an introductory trial period that let’s you test our solution on your fleet. The benefits you’ll discover during this introductory step send a clear signal to your company that real value is there for the taking.

  • Uncover wasteful & risky driving behavior of your employees
  • Validate your return on investment before full fleet expansion
  • Learn how to successfully manage your GPS program
  • Measure and assess your starting point
  • Show that the solution can work for you in your environment
  • Tailor what we deliver and how we deliver it
  • Demonstrate initial results to your organization
“We had previously deployed another GPS vendor but halted expansion because of the challenges of having to figure out how to make the data meaningful. With Orion’s unique Value Discovery Program, we were able to quickly establish how well they filled this need. The decision to expand to our entire fleet was easy.”
CEO, Delta Community Supports
expand improvements with full fleet deployments
see improvements within the first 90 days
Orion customers renew their services

“Orion blew away our other trial program with their phenomenal customer service and ease of accessibility. Their training tools and live support really puts Orion “head of the class.”

– Larry Monaco, Fleet Manager, Eden Autism Services

VDP Basics

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Over the years we developed a process to help our customers create a tangible roadmap of projected benefits that accurately reflects the unique fleet topologies of each company. This process has translated to an endless stream of satisfied clients using the Orion solution. We named this process our Value Discovery Program because, as the name suggests, our customers learn exactly what potential benefits will emerge from using our solution.

The Value Discovery Program (VDP) is a pilot program for up to 10 of your vehicles that gives you free access to our GPS hardware and over 100 hours of program facilitation, reporting and coaching expertise from our VDP Team. Along the way, we’ll guide you through our four proven phases that ensure a successful trial and deliver the results data you need to be confident in the program’s long term ROI.

  • Phase 1 / Install – Establish a blind pool to accurately assess status
  • Phase 2 / Baseline – Analyze and review workflows and fleet safety status
  • Phase 3 / Improve – Conduct limited improvement measures to show efficacy
  • Phase 4 / Expand – Service begins, initiate performance improvements & roll-out

Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting

At Orion, you don’t just get our technology, you get our team. GPS technologies are powerful tools that deliver advanced intelligence about your fleet. But all that technology is useless without the proper understanding of how to interpret and take action on the data being recorded.

Our approach ensures that you have that understanding at every turn. Our expert team works side-by-side with you to continually read and understand the metrics, and–most importantly–to determine what action to take to correct problem behavior and capitalize on opportunities.

Think of us as your extended team, here to help guarantee your success!