24×7 Advanced Fleet Monitoring Services

‘Service’ is the key word here. Our fleet monitoring service helps you make sense of the mountains of GPS data gathered from your fleet.  We translate raw GPS data into expert analysis to give you insight into what’s happening with your drivers and vehicles on the road.  We also provide coaching instruction for your team and drivers to stop problem driving behavior and improve operational efficiency.

“We chose Orion because of their expertise in implementing safety programs that leverage technology, without adding additional hours to our workday. For us, the choice was simple.”

Sue Barlett, President, BEX Logistics

What Makes Orion Different?

Orion is different from other telematics companies because we are not just technology; we are also a service. We use technology to monitor and analyze your fleet and address your business concerns, unlike competing companies who make you use their stock reports to try and make sense of the data.

We make GPS work for you, to help you get the answers you need without having to think about it. We find the complicated stories hiding in your fleet data.  And we find the reasons why issues are happening.  We don’t simply show you a report of accidents.  Instead, we tell you which drivers on your team need attention.

And once we find the problems, we help you solve them. For us, coaching is an essential ingredient of success.  Our coaching program delivers improved driving behavior and management insight, and includes driver coaching, manager coaching and quarterly team meetings to review progress and ensure that everyone is up-to-date on achievements and next steps.

Flexible and Adaptable Technology

Our mobile and online fleet monitoring technologies help you maintain control over your fleet operations while adapting to the way you do business. Our solution is flexible in the way it offers virtually opened-ended analysis, reporting on any metric and drill-down capabilities to view transaction-level details.  It’s highly adaptable in the way it allows you to receive information the way you want—to support your work habits.  Receive updates and alerts via phone, email, online and more.  Whether you’re a power user or a technology newbie, our platform will give you the information you need—the way you need it—to keep in sync with your fleet at all times.

Driver Connect Mobile Suite

Accessed via tablet or smartphone, Driver Connect apps deliver the critical information needed to manage trips and stops, demonstrate safety and compliance, and automate a host of routine, administrative and time-intensive tasks, accurately.

  • Operate at peak performance with the confidence that the fleet is safe
  • Suitable for commercial fleets of any size, including fleets that utilize hired/non-owned or personal vehicles
  • HIPPA compliant and ideal for regulated environments where privacy and accountability are important

Driver ID lets you easily assign vehicles and create driver logs with a tap of the screen. It is indispensable when multiple drivers share vehicles and is cost-effective as an alternative to HID cards and key fobs.

As a stand-alone app:

  • Record vehicle usage by driver and by trip segment for accurate billing and reimbursement
  • Automatically capture time & attendance for payroll
  • Eliminate the effort and inaccuracies of manual reporting

When combined with Orion’s Advanced Fleet Monitoring:

  • Associate driver logs with detailed safety and aggressive driving data
  • Analyze fuel and mileage waste and track fleet utilization
  • Audit trail to support HR troubleshooting and accident forensics

Passenger ID enables you to record pick ups and drop offs with just a few screen touches. With it, you can show compliance with most state and Medicaid/Medicare regulations for reimbursement, without having to handle paper logs.

  • Associate passengers with trip segments and cost centers
  • Support accurate and auditable billing
  • Accurately track fleet utilization
  • Easily manage groups of passengers in real time

Standard Fleet Safety is a monitoring service that offers you the ability to manage safety thru analytics and driver coaching. Orion’s expert team helps you get safe and stay safe, while protecting the privacy of your drivers, making it a great fit for fleets that utilize personal vehicles on the job.

  • Data-centric monitoring of vehicle activity
  • Tailored analysis and reports on speeding incidence and trends, visible thru browser-based application
  • Personalized coaching to guide and improve driver behavior
  • Driver-activated to ensure privacy with personal vehicle usage

Turn-by-Turn Routing provides real time delivery of traffic-aware route instructions to drivers on the road so they can navigate their stops efficiently. Route planners utilize Orion’s innovative Landmark ID technology to make route set-up, route changes and reporting as simple as dropping a pin.

  • Produce accurate trip reports for billing and reimbursement
  • Compare actual routes with planned routes
  • Determine Best Route driving to maximize productivity and avoid road delays

Hours of Service (HOS) puts you in compliance with Electronic Logging Device and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration standards for electronic driver logs. Keep auditable records and monitor activity with ease to support a high safety rating.

  • Alerts to impending violations before they impact safety rating
  • Supports individual and team drivers
  • Real-time visibility to every driver in the HOS shift, including daily history

Ancillary Services

Assessments, Benchmarking & Recognition

We also provide a variety of consulting and assessment services, helping companies who want to review their fleet profile and size, their routes, and review workflows.  For some companies, we help put HR policies and employee review files into place.  For others, we provide benchmarking analysis.  We also have an annual awards program which recognizes companies based on safety performance (our customers are pretty proud of how they’re running things!).

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