Fuel Card Monitoring

Integrate fuel transaction data and real-time GPS, which shows actual vehicle positions relative to fuel purchase locations.
  • Discover fuel card abuse

Maintenance Scheduling

Set mileage- or time-based maintenance reminders for all the vehicles in your fleet to ensure that they are well maintained.
  • Proactively service vehicles
  • Extend the life of your vehicles
  • Eliminate paperwork

Exception-Based Reporting & Alerting

Customize preferences including idling, out-of-area travel, and unauthorized stops that are specific to your business so that you can take appropriate preventative actions.
  • Enforce threshold policies and monitor exceptions
  • Take immediate corrective action on unwanted behaviors

Idling Checks

Discover which drivers, vehicles, or business units idle excessively.
  • Reduce idle times
  • Decrease fuel waste
  • Minimize engine wear and tear