This summer, Orion Fleet Intelligence rolled out its Hours-of-Service (HOS) application to provide fleets with an automated driver logging solution that reduces the complexity and time required to an maintain accurate paper trail of driver shift details. This latest addition to Orion’s solution platform lets companies gain real-time visibility to every driver in their HOS shift, including a replay of each driver’s daily history. The easy-to-use application—available on Android mobile devices and desktop browsers—keeps Orion’s customers fully-compliant with industry regulations requiring enhanced logging capabilities.
Orion Fleet Intelligence - Hours of Service App on Tablet
“The industry is changing and becoming more complex for fleet managers and their drivers. More details are being monitored which requires drivers to record more information,” said Brad Bartkowski, President of Orion Fleet Intelligence. “It’s this new demand for data that prompted Orion to respond with our HOS application which provides advanced automation to the drivers to digitally record their driver logs using their mobile (Android) phone. With a few simple screen touches, the driver can update their shift status and transmit real-time logging information back to the fleet manager to confirm that everyone is in full compliance with regulations. It has greatly reduced the time required to capture this information and, as you can expect, is a welcome addition for the drivers using it.”

Newly mandated requirements are pushing fleet managers to take action to address the methods they’re using to capture and record driver logs. In response, many fleets are adopting Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) technologies to more easily maintain detailed driver logs that are fully compliant with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) standards. As the regulations continue to take shape, an increasing number of companies will move away from manual driver logs and embrace electronic.

Companies already leveraging fleet technologies to monitor key issues like safety, efficiency and costs will find an easy path to adopting new HOS technologies for their drivers. Orion Fleet Intelligence is offering this new HOS solution to its customers and core market starting August 2015. For more information about Orion’s new Hours-of-Service solution, please contact Orion at 610.664.3296.

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