NSM Sponsored Fleet Safety Program For Selected Insured
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Your Insured has been selected for a sponsored fleet loss control program through their insurance carrier, NSM Insurance. This is a powerful program that reduces accidents and improves vehicle operations for Human Services organizations (see the NSM Results Brochure). NSM is offering our 90-Day Program for no-cost as part of their coverage for selected insured.

We need your help to get started. Please help us connect with your insured by sending them an invitation through the form below. This form will send an introduction message from you to both you and your insured. We look forward to working with you to improve fleet safety!

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Sponsored Fleet Loss Control Service – Included In Current Coverage

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Dear (Name of Primary Insured Contact)

Your organization, (Insured Organization Name), has been selected to participate in a sponsored (no-cost) program to help improve the safety, efficiency, and costs associated with your fleet of vehicles. (See details below.) Your insurance carrier NSM Insurance is paying for your participation as part of your current coverage. This offer is only available to a select group of clients for a limited time.

Please see the fast facts below and the program brochure. This program is being administered by Orion Fleet Intelligence. Orion will be reaching out to tell you more and setup next steps for getting started.

For more details, please visit www.orionfi.com/insurance or contact Orion at [email protected] or by phone at 610-664-3296 at your earliest convenience.

Thank you,

(Your Name)


  1. Tailored Specifically For Human & Social Services
    The program is specifically tailored for Social Services agencies like you! Many Human Services and non- profit organizations have embarked on this program with amazing results.

  2. Delivers Cost Savings, Safety and Efficiency Improvements
    The program is specifically designed to give you substantial fleet cost savings and safety improvements as quickly as possible.

  3. Only Offered to a Select Few
    You’ve been chosen from a select group of clients to take advantage of this limited time offer to implement the 90-day program.

  4. Leads to a Reduction in Accidents and Claims
    Successfully implementing this program leads to a measurable reduction in accidents–a winning combination for everyone involved.

  5. Will Involve a Representative Sample of Your Fleet
    The program involves Orion working with you to place GPS monitoring hardware into a representative sample of vehicles from your fleet, which then allows critical information to be collected.

  6. Orion will Help You Find and Fix Problem Areas
    Orion analyzes this information and will uncover trouble areas of high risk driving, wasteful fleet spending and inefficient operation—all of which Orion will help you improve.

  7. This Program Is Fully Funded For You – Requires No Commitment
    The program takes 90 days and is truly risk free. We want you to learn how you can improve risk and vehicle operations from through this program data.

  8. To Get Started, Visit This Page and Sign-Up
    To participate – visit OrionFI.com/Insurance and sign up using the form at the bottom of the page.