Your fleet is costing you money.
We can help.

Whether you have a company owned fleet, an owner/operator fleet, or a mix of both, your fleet is costing you money every day.

Bad driving behavior, inefficient routing, excessive idling–there are many issues that contribute to high fleet costs. But trying to address these issues with basic GPS hardware and reports is not good enough. You need the fleet improvement expertise and driver coaching that only Orion can provide.

Our fleet monitoring service succeeds where other companies fail–and our approach delivers big results, quickly, typically within the first 30-90 days.

  • We help improve fleet efficiency, compliance and safety
  • Company owned fleet? Owner/operator? Both? We can help
  • We use GPS hardware and monitoring apps on mobile devices
  • Dramatic improvement is usually achieved within the first 30-90 days
  • Typical results are 75% improved safety, 20% reduced fuel, 10% less mileage

The Orion difference is clear. Here are typical results from our 90-day pilot program, showing the impact of our unique fleet improvement service approach.

What makes Orion different?

Orion offers a SERVICE that helps you improve your fleet through the use of GPS and mobile monitoring data. We work side-by-side with you to ensure that you achieve your fleet improvement goals and not just receive 100s of useless transactional reports.

Orion is your partner in fleet improvement success!

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