Think for a moment about consumers in the care of a human services organization. Think specifically about their safety while on the road being driven to various locations. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you consider whether or not they’re safe?

If you’re like most, you probably thought of reducing bad driving behavior such as speeding, sudden stops and rapid acceleration. True, these are critical elements in keeping consumers safe. But your concern shouldn’t end there.

Consumers on board a vehicle are along for the ride, wherever–and whenever–that vehicle travels. There are other types of dangers in play that are just as important, and which should be actively monitored:

  • Unauthorized Stops
    It’s not always how fast you go, but where you go that can present danger. For example, fleets located close to casinos can be automatically notified if a vehicle stops for a while at that location. If this was an unscheduled stop, you could be gambling with the safety of your consumers!

  • Excessive Idling
    Long stops at a point of interest might not be the pleasurable outing your consumers desired. Too many times, the reality is that your consumers are sitting on-board the vehicle, spending an excessive amount of time inactively waiting instead of participating in the scheduled activity.

  • After Hours Use
    For residential programs, vehicles moving at an unusually late hour raises concern. Often the vehicle is being used personal reasons which is concerning on two levels: either the consumer is with the house manager during a late night excursion, in which case it may not be authorized travel or the consumer is left at the house while the vehicle is taken for personal use at night, which may leave the consumer without the proper level of care.

All of these scenarios represent risks to consumer safety. And they are often overlooked because they’re less obvious to fleet operators as potentially dangerous activities.

To guard against this, many fleet managers are turning to customized consumer-centric fleet intelligence solutions, like the one offered by Orion Fleet Intelligence. With this type of solution at work for you, stops at unauthorized locations can be easily identified and reported, protecting consumers from being taken somewhere that is not a part of their program. Excessive idling can be identified by vehicle, duration and location. And after-hours use is easily tracked to offer follow up investigation that ensures that consumers were safe throughout the entire time.

Deploying an advanced fleet intelligence solution can make easy work of tracking the obvious concerns for safety. But it also can give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your consumers are safe from the less obvious dangers.

Now might be a good time to ask your team whether you’re experiencing any of these “hidden” dangers—and ensure that your consumers are safe at all times.