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for Insurance Carriers, Brokers, and Their Insured

What Can Orion Fleet Intelligence Do for You & Your Customers? Improve safety, costs, claims, relationships, visibility and much more.

Orion’s unique approach makes GPS telematics easy for your customers. Your customers are constantly hearing about the promise of GPS telematics for their fleets. But implementing a successful telematics program is a challenging task. Success requires more than just technology—it demands that industry expertise is there every step of the way.

That’s why Orion developed its combined technology + team approach, and why its customers enjoy industry-leading benefits.

And now, Orion is offering this program to your customers through a strategic co-branded package that lets you be the hero. Simply share the associated fleet benefits brochure with your customers and ask them to follow up with us. We’ll take it from there.

Orion’s Unique Approach Provides a Win/Win for Everyone Involved

Showed insurance loss reductions
Average client reduction in losses
Average client reduction in claims

Attention: Brokers

Orion’s Program is a Key Differentiator

Strengthen your role as a trusted advisor by offering a solution that delivers ongoing value without ongoing work.
  • Leverage the program as a key differentiator
  • Increase customer loyalty through enhanced relationships
  • Increase profitability with expanded sales and better carrier pricing


Contact us to receive our education brochure for your customers. Simply send this to your customers and ask them to follow up with us. We’ll do the rest.

View some of the incredible results possible for your customers at our insurance overview page.

Orion Insurance Fleet Operator Introduction

Attention: Carriers

Orion Delivers a Game-Changing System

Implement dramatic improvement across your broker network while driving increased profitability and stronger brand affinity.
  • Gain visibility and access to real-time underwriting data
  • Reduce claims and payouts
  • Mitigate policy risk
  • Establish more high-margin clients


Contact us to receive our case study showing participating carrier and broker benefits from the Orion program.

Orion Insurance Case Study

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