We Help Many Types of Fleets

The essential service for fleet managers to promote fleet safety and control costs without having to master complex technologies or undertake the tireless effort to maintain driver compliance

Human Services

“A win-win product: we are able to better assure the safety of the residents in our charge, and we can actually save money on insurance premiums, gasoline and vehicle repairs in the process.”

– CFO and Deputy Executive Director, Independent Living Association, Inc.

As a Human Services company, safety is a core value–safety of your consumers, your drivers and the local community. At Orion, we understand this commitment to safety. We’ve co-developed our solution with our customers and leading insurance companies to ensure that it properly supports the complex operating environments of human service organizations.

We know your resources are tight and that you don’t have time to devote to becoming experts at running a fleet management platform. That’s why we take the unique approach of becoming your long-term partner in safety and success. Working side-by-side with you as your fleet management partner, we deliver personalized analysis that yields dramatic and sustained changes in driver behavior. Improved safety and operational efficiency is our passion. We’ll be here every step of the way to ensure your success in high performance and continued safety from your fleet at all times.

Achieve Industry-Leading Fleet Safety and Efficiency

  • 1.5x ROI savings in vehicle maintenance costs
  • 2-4x ROI savings in fuel efficiency
  • 3-5x ROI savings in insurance and safety costs
  • 3-8x ROI savings in operational efficiency gains

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“We chose Orion because of their expertise in implementing safety programs that leverage technology, without adding additional hours to our workday. For us, the choice was simple.”

– Sue Barlett, President, BEX Logistics

If you’re running a fast-growing courier business, you’re familiar with chaos, and what it can do to your margins and your reputation. Last-minute orders, unexpected traffic delays, shuffling drivers and vehicles are everyday occurrences. Keeping tabs on it all is a challenge.

It’s time to control that chaos, and bring visibility and optimization to help you efficiently manage the day-to-day.

Orion’s fleet intelligence platform was tailored for the courier industry to quickly help you take control of your business and support your continued growth – without the chaos!

It’s Time to Control the Chaos in Your Courier Fleet

  • Manage Vehicles & Drivers
  • Manage Customers
  • Manage Routes
  • Manage Costs & Rates
  • Manage Accounting & Payroll

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Insurance Carriers & Brokers

“Since deploying Orion my insured has had measureable improvements in auto claims and losses because of the system and driver coaching. At renewal, I was able to leverage the Orion data and results to get the most favorable coverage rates for my client, which allowed me to retain the business against other agencies.”

– RAIN Broker, M Advisory Group

What Can Orion Fleet Intelligence Do for You & Your Customers? Improve safety, costs, claims, relationships, visibility and much more.

Orion’s unique approach makes GPS telematics easy for your customers. Your customers are constantly hearing about the promise of GPS telematics for their fleets. But implementing a successful telematics program is a challenging task. Success requires more than just technology—it demands that industry expertise is there every step of the way.

That’s why Orion developed its combined technology + team approach, and why its customers enjoy industry-leading benefits.

And now, Orion is offering this program to your customers through a strategic co-branded package that lets you be the hero. Simply share the associated fleet benefits brochure with your customers and ask them to follow up with us. We’ll take it from there.

Attention: Carriers
Strengthen your role as a trusted advisor by offering a solution that delivers ongoing value without ongoing work

  • Leverage the program as a key differentiator
  • Increase customer loyalty through enhanced relationships
  • Increase profitability with expanded sales and better carrier pricing

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Attention: Brokers
Implement dramatic improvement across your broker network while driving increased profitability and stronger brand affinity.

  • Gain visibility and access to real-time underwriting data
  • Reduce claims and payouts
  • Mitigate policy risk
  • Establish more high-margin clients

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Local Service Fleets

Your fleet is costing you money. We can help.

Whether you have a company owned fleet, an owner/operator fleet, or a mix of both, your fleet is costing you money every day.

Bad driving behavior, inefficient routing, excessive idling–there are many issues that contribute to high fleet costs. But trying to address these issues with basic GPS hardware and reports is not good enough. You need the fleet improvement expertise and driver coaching that only Orion can provide.

Our fleet monitoring service succeeds where other companies fail–and our approach delivers big results, quickly, typically within the first 30-90 days.

  • We help improve fleet efficiency, compliance and safety
  • Company owned fleet? Owner/operator? Both? We can help
  • We use GPS hardware and monitoring apps on mobile devices
  • Dramatic improvement is usually achieved within the first 30-90 days
  • Typical results are 75% improved safety, 20% reduced fuel, 10% less mileage