The Market Leading Fleet Safety Solution for Human Services

Achieve Industry-Leading Fleet Safety and Efficiency

As a Human Services company, safety is a core value–safety of your consumers, your drivers and the local community. At Orion, we understand this commitment to safety. We’ve co-developed our solution with our customers and leading insurance companies to ensure that it properly supports the complex operating environments of human service organizations.

We know your resources are tight and that you don’t have time to devote to becoming experts at running a fleet management platform. That’s why we take the unique approach of becoming your long-term partner in safety and success. Working side-by-side with you as your fleet management partner, we deliver personalized analysis that yields dramatic and sustained changes in driver behavior. Improved safety and operational efficiency is our passion. We’ll be here every step of the way to ensure your success in high performance and continued safety from your fleet at all times.

reduction in speeding
reduction in rapid acceleration
reduction in miles per vehicle
reduction in fuel costs per vehicle per month

“A win-win product: we are able to better assure the safety of the residents in our charge, and we can actually save money on insurance premiums, gasoline and vehicle repairs in the process.”

– CFO and Deputy Executive Director, Independent Living Association, Inc.

Build Your Reputation for Safety in the Community

Our Fleet Intelligence solution was designed from the ground up to not only help you improve your safety record but also to share that record with the community.

Our customers have achieved top-ratings in safety from using our solution. They understand that sharing their strong image of safety is vital for community support and business growth.

They continually benefit from promoting their reputation for delivering safe and reliable transportation services.

With our solution, they—and the community—can be sure that their drivers and clients are safe on the road at all times.

Reduce Costs Using Our Proven Approach

We’ve helped hundreds of Human Resource organizations achieve safer fleets while saving money in the process. That’s right, running a safe fleet can save you money.

At first glance, it seems like justifying the cost of a fleet tracking system will be a challenging task, until you realize that ROI comes back to you from multiple sources. From hard operational cost savings like idling, aggressive driving, and better routes to insurance premium discounts, the savings are many. For some, the fuel savings alone easily covers the system costs.

1.5x ROI savings in vehicle maintenance costs

2-4x ROI savings in fuel efficiency

3-5x ROI savings in insurance and safety costs

3-8x ROI savings in operational efficiency gains

Our platform becomes a self-funded safety improvement program that reaches across all parts of your organization, with reporting tailored to your specific organization and actionable insights delivered to the right levels of management. Through this distributed approach and the work of your assigned Orion Client Success Team, our programs deliver upon the promised value of fleet intelligence without becoming an administrative challenge.

Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting

At Orion, you don’t just get our technology, you get our team. GPS technologies are powerful tools that deliver advanced intelligence about your fleet. But all that technology is useless without the proper understanding of how to interpret and take action on the data being recorded.

Our approach ensures that you have that understanding at every turn. Our expert team works side-by-side with you to continually read and understand the metrics, and–most importantly–to determine what action to take to correct problem behavior and capitalize on opportunities.

Think of us as your extended team, here to help guarantee your success!

Try Before You Buy with our Risk-Free Trial

Try our technology on your fleet and see the proof for yourself. Over the years we developed a process to help our customers create a tangible roadmap of projected benefits that accurately reflects the unique fleet topologies of each company. This process has translated to an endless stream of satisfied clients using the Orion solution.

We named this process our Value Discovery Program because, as the name suggests, our customers learn exactly what potential benefits will emerge from using our solution.

We’re confident that this process will deliver results to you. That’s why we offer it in a risk-free trial. From this trial program, you can test drive our technology on your fleet to see real dollar savings and performance improvements at work in your company. With real results, you’ll be able to move forward with an expanded implementation, confident that the Orion solution will deliver.