Fleet Monitoring for the Human Service Industry
that fits your busy schedule!

“Orion’s program has saved us over $80,000/year in fuel, and actually covers the cost of our auto premiums. We cut dangerous speeding instances by 84%, and eliminated 3.2 hours per month per vehicle of unauthorized travel. My only regret is not starting sooner!”
– Senior Vice President | NCIA

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Safety is important, but doesn’t have to be hard to achieve.

Of course, fleet safety is critically important. But did you know that with simple technology and some constructive, coaching support you can manage driving behavior and reduce your risk too?  We’ve been getting the best results in the industry in fleets like yours that have little time or money to spare—because we make it easy and affordable.

Fleets are expensive, but cost savings are there to be found!

If you’re like most companies, you’re probably wasting money somewhere in your fleet operations. Where? We’ll show you.  We use simple technologies and expert support to help you cut unnecessary costs by coaching drivers, planning better routes, and managing the policies for vehicle usage you have with your drivers. This is easy money you gain each and every month!

Dealing with drivers is tough, but they offer the greatest opportunity!

Just because your drivers are loyal and skilled employees doesn’t mean they don’t have bad habits or occasionally make poor choices in your vehicles on the road. We’ll help you manage that behavior with simple technologies and expert coaching support that gets you results in a constructive way.

We know you’re busy. (Who isn’t?)

Keeping after your drivers about their behavior–as well as the dozens of daily operating decisions you make–is time consuming.  We help you take back this time and get results without adding more work on your plate with our simple technologies and expert services that ensure something isn’t overlooked.

Orion helps companies manage safe, high performing fleets. We’ve been serving all kinds of fleets, nationwide, with technologies and expert services for a dozen years and we have found no-one who can match our results!

Fast Improvement that Stays with You Over the Long Term

Our unique combination of advanced monitoring and analytics, and our expert driver coaching services, provide tangible, measurable results that are achieved in weeks but sustained for years!

Our platform becomes a self-funded safety improvement program that reaches across all parts of your organization, with reporting tailored to your specific organization and actionable insights delivered to the right levels of management. Through this distributed approach and the work of your assigned Orion Client Success Team, our programs deliver upon the promised value of fleet intelligence without becoming an administrative challenge.

Orion Results

Step 1
Gather Data

Capture highly detailed, accurate, real-time field data from your vehicles’ GPS units

Step 2
Analyze & Report

Turn data into information with reports and alerts tailored to your individual preferences

Step 3
Take Action

Address developing issues in a timely, constructive way to drive sustained results

Step 4
Review Trends

Brief calls, 2-4 times per year to re-set focus, objectives and share best practices

Driver Connect Mobile Suite

Driver-Friendly Mobile Solutions

Easy-to-use apps to help drivers manage their activities on the road

Our mobile suite helps automate routine and administrative tasks, measure and boost productivity, and monitor safety. Available through any smartphone or tablet, our suite is both simple to use and simple to deploy.

  • Manage trips and stops, demonstrate safety and compliance, and automate routine tasks
  • Modular/accessed via tablet or smartphone
  • Intuitive interface, but training/support provided
  • Ideal for regulated environments with high privacy & accountability standards (e.g. HIPAA, state regs for billing/reimbursement)
  • Ideal for fleets using employee-owned vehicles on the job
  • Compliant with Fee for Service and Trip Accounting regs
  • Robust reporting and analysis to accurate validate trips and expenses


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