Get Compliant with the ELD Mandate
Quickly and Easily

If you haven’t implemented an Hours of Service (HOS) solution for the ELD mandate, you’re running out of time! But don’t worry–we have a simple and affordable solution that is fully FMCSA compliant and gets top marks for ease of use by drivers.

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HOS – the easy way!

Not all HOS apps are equal—some are expensive, don’t work, or have small buttons that frustrate drivers.  Orion’s HOS app is simple, inexpensive and compliant—that’s all you need.

Worried about safety?

If you’ve had a safety issue with a driver or are worried about safety, risk or what your drivers have to do on the road, you need Orion.  Our results are measurable and unmatched in the industry—let us tell you about it.

  • We have an HOS app that is simple, easy and inexpensive.
  • We have a monitoring service that helps you manage driving behavior.
  • We have technology to help with the many daily operating decisions you make.

No more useless GPS reports!

If you’re getting regular report emails from your GPS system that offer little to no value, we have good news. You can stop wasting time looking at reports that don’t tell you meaningful information. Orion specializes in putting GPS to work for you the way it should be done. Give us 15 minutes to show you why Orion is unlike other GPS providers.

Are your drivers still speeding?

Have you had to talk to any of your drivers in the last 6 months about speeding? If so, we should talk. We help companies like yours effectively use GPS technology to make positive change in driving behavior that delivers improved safety and substantial cost reduction.

Orion helps companies manage safe, high performing fleets. We’ve been serving all kinds of fleets, nationwide, with technologies and expert services for a dozen years and we have found no-one who can match our results!

ELD Compliance Made Easy

  • Help maintain regulatory compliance
  • Detect approaching violations and prevent errors before they impact your safety rating
  • Supports both individual and team drivers
  • Gain real-time visibility to every driver in the HOS shift, including replay of daily history
  • Non-driving duty status changes entered through electronic forms on the driver display
  • Driver-management and safety audit reports
  • Works on all Android® mobile devices
  • Web-based application server is accessible from anywhere
  • Continuous server synchronization provides seamless operation in the event of loss or damage to the device
  • Save thousands of dollars annually for even small fleet sizes

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