We Help Fleets of Many Types and Sizes

Whether your fleet size is 10, 100, 1000 or more – transporting people, freight or delivering service door to door – we can help you keep a close watch on what’s happening moment to moment.

“Orion has been a great experience for us. As a smaller family owned business with over 40 vehicles on the road we have been thinking about going with a fleet management program for years. We were always unsure of who to work with and if the cost was really worth it or not. The pilot program has answered those simple issues for us. We now know that Orion is the company we want to partner with going forward with as our fleet management provider and that the cost is really worth it. We couldn’t be happier for the opportunity to realize how important and vital this software will be to our company going forward.”

Luc Choquette, Operations Manager, Green Mountain Electric

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“A win-win product: we are able to better assure the safety of the residents in our charge, and we can actually save money on insurance premiums, gasoline and vehicle repairs in the process.”

CFO and Deputy Executive Director, Independent Living Association, Inc.