In a perfect world, your drivers move from points A to B to C while traveling at a safe speed and following all traffic rules. They arrive at each location on-time and on-schedule as planned, pick up or drop off passengers and continue on their journey.

But in many cases, their schedules call for them to be at specific locations at specific times when the total travel time is well under the total scheduled time. This introduces downtime where decisions have to be made.

Consider this example, if one of your drivers has an hour to move from location A to location B, and those locations are only a 15 minute drive apart, what should your driver do for the other 45 minutes? Should he return to home base or pause somewhere between locations? The answer is, in part, based on total mileage. If it’s longer for your driver to return to home base, it makes more sense to pause somewhere along the route—which is commonly the case. This decision saves time, fuel costs and vehicle wear and tear. If, however, your driver sits idling in a parking lot in an empty passenger van with the air conditioner on high on a hot summer day, you could still be wasting fuel to keep all those empty seats cool.

This is the opportunity you have to improve driver awareness.

Talk to your drivers about this activity and explore alternatives to idling their vehicles. Perhaps parking at the next destination and waiting onsite inside is an answer. Perhaps further optimizing your routes to minimize idling time is the best course of action. Placing focus on this and raising visibility to it among your drivers can contribute to lessening your overall fuel costs. Remember, it all adds up over time and can mean cost savings as much as $60 per vehicle per month!

Take our tip and ask yourself, is your team idling away the hours—and dollars—when they shouldn’t be?

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