We’ve documented that as many as 84 out of 100 drivers are using their fleet vehicles to drive to unauthorized locations. Destinations like drivers’ homes, fast-food restaurants and shopping areas are all found in routing logs.

Looking at it from a total fleet utilization point of view, in a recent sampling of 50 fleets, 12% of all vehicle use was for unauthorized travel.

Why should you care?

There is cost savings to be gained and unwanted risk to be avoided.

First, add up all those extra miles and calculate your fuel costs. All that extra mileage is wasted fuel and a potential cost recovery opportunity. Next, consider vehicle wear and tear and the resulting impact to maintenance costs from traveling those unauthorized miles. Finally, realize that your drivers—and, for human services fleets, your consumers too—are at unnecessary
risk for accidents while traveling every mile to those unapproved locations.

Let’s say one of your vehicles travels 20,000 miles in a year. According to our recent sampling, 12% of that will be unauthorized use. That’s like letting your driver take a side trip from New York City to Phoenix, AZ on your dime with all the fuel costs, maintenance costs, wear and tear and 2400 miles of road for potential accidents.

The good news is that this is preventable.

A little driver awareness and technological support can go a long way here to address this issue. Through ongoing driver education programs and real-time vehicle routing oversight, you can keep your drivers safe and on task which will deliver big benefits to you and to them.

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