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The Orion Fleet Intelligence Program –
the Market Leading Fleet Safety Solution

A safer, more efficient fleet can mean a reduction in claims and operating costs – a win for everyone.

As a fleet operator, you know all about the costs of insuring and maintaining your vehicles and drivers. You also know how important it is to control those costs and maintain a strong track record of safety and efficiency.

At Orion Fleet Intelligence, we also know this—and how important it is to you.

That’s why Orion Fleet Intelligence is providing significant savings in a program that will help you reduce fleet costs, improve safety, and increase operational productivity. And with an improved track record of safety comes a measurable reduction in accidents and an opportunity that may adjust insurance premiums favorably–a winning combination.

“This program has saved us over $80,000/year in fuel—it actually covers the cost of our auto premiums. We cut dangerous speeding instances by 84%, and eliminated 3.2 hours/month/vehicle of unauthorized travel. My only regret is not starting sooner.”
Senior VP, Finance, Human Services, NCIA

reduction in insurance auto losses
reduction in auto claims
reduction in high-risk driving
reduction in fuel costs alone per vehicle per month

How Does It Work?

It’s a guided program that is specifically designed to get high performance cost savings and safety improvements to you as quickly as possible.

Orion works with you to place GPS monitoring hardware into a representative sample of vehicles from your fleet, which then allows critical information to be collected. Your assigned Orion Client Success team analyzes this data for you, uncovering troubled areas of high risk driving, wasteful fleet spending, and inefficient operation. Through a tailored driving coaching program which Orion deploys within your organization, we next help you to improve in these areas, providing your organization with material safety improvements and actual cost savings – all within the first 90 days!

Orion takes the guess work and mystery out of GPS by delivering a highly tailored, guided program that delivers measurable cost savings and safety gains!

What Are The Rewards?

Companies participating in this program are typically able to:

  • Improve Safety and Cut Accidents
    less accidents, fewer deductible payments, and lesser insurance payouts
  • Reduce Operating Costs
    which yields savings of up to $2,000 per vehicle per year
  • Increase Revenues and Productivity
    for-profit companies see savings of up to $6,000 per vehicle per year, non-profits are able to deliver higher service levels with fewer vehicles
  • Optimize Fleet Operations
    by tracking critical metrics including on-time starts, adherence to schedule / first stop, time-on-job and time-between jobs
  • Gain Fuel Efficiency
    by reducing wasteful driving habits like high-speed driving and idling by up to 75%
  • Reduce Unauthorized Use
    with visibility to schedules and usage patterns of drivers in after-hours and unauthorized areas
  • Reduce High-Risk Driver Behavior
    like aggressive driving and speeding by up to 97%

Most importantly, Orion’s hands-on approach enables fleet operators to engender a culture of safety and reliability. It teaches you how to maintain the cost savings and safety gains for the long term, while also empowering organizations to leverage the data for ongoing operational improvements.

Orion’s platform becomes a self-funded safety improvement program that reaches across all parts of your organization, with reporting tailored to your specific organization and actionable insights delivered to the right levels of management. Through this distributed approach and the work of your assigned Orion Client Success Team, the program delivers the promised value of fleet intelligence without becoming an administrative challenge.

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