It’s Time to Control the Chaos in Your Courier Fleet

If you’re running a fast-growing courier business, you’re familiar with chaos, and what it can do to your margins and your reputation. Last-minute orders, unexpected traffic delays, shuffling drivers and vehicles are everyday occurrences. Keeping tabs on it all is a challenge.

It’s time to control that chaos, and bring visibility and optimization to help you efficiently manage the day-to-day.

Orion’s fleet intelligence platform was tailored for the courier industry to quickly help you take control of your business and support your continued growth – without the chaos!

“We chose Orion because of their expertise in implementing safety programs that leverage technology, without adding additional hours to our workday. For us, the choice was simple.”

– Sue Barlett, President, BEX Logistics

Vehicles & Drivers

  • Know where you vehicles are
  • Know who’s driving each vehicle
  • Sign in to a pool of vehicles
  • Balance driver workloads
  • Get visibility into driver behavior


  • Keep your customers up to date
  • Expected delivery times
  • Changes to orders
  • Accommodate special requests
  • Assure on-time delivery


  • Manage and optimize routes
  • Get instant alerts on progress
  • Handle route congestion
  • Maximize asset utilization

Costs & Rates

  • Optimize route mileage
  • Minimize fuel waste
  • Maximize vehicle utilization
  • Maximize driver utilization
  • Offer more competitive rates

Accounting & Payroll

  • Leverage OTS reporting
  • Back office documentation
  • Payroll schedules of completed work
  • Who drove when & where
  • Accurate payment details

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  • See how we find and correct wasteful driving behavior
  • Learn how we reduce costs in fuel, maintenance and operations
  • See how you can prove the program’s ROI before committing to your full fleet