Orion’s New Hours-of-Service Application Keeps Drivers Free from Tedious Paper Logging

This summer, Orion Fleet Intelligence rolled out its Hours-of-Service (HOS) application to provide fleets with an automated driver logging solution that reduces the complexity and time required to an maintain accurate paper trail of driver shift details. This latest addition to Orion’s solution platform lets companies gain real-time visibility to every driver in their HOS [...]

Fleet Tip – Use Optimal Routing to Minimize Travel Distance

When creating routes for the vehicles in your fleet, several variables compete for your attention including variations in the priority of stops, different pick-up and delivery times and vehicle types. But you are also likely focused on the overall mileage demanded of each route—and with good reason. The total distance that your vehicles are traveling [...]

Fleet Tip – Teach Your Drivers Not to Sit Idling Between Stops

In a perfect world, your drivers move from points A to B to C while traveling at a safe speed and following all traffic rules. They arrive at each location on-time and on-schedule as planned, pick up or drop off passengers and continue on their journey. But in many cases, their schedules call for them [...]

Fleet Tip – Stop Traveling to Unauthorized Locations

We’ve documented that as many as 84 out of 100 drivers are using their fleet vehicles to drive to unauthorized locations. Destinations like drivers’ homes, fast-food restaurants and shopping areas are all found in routing logs. Looking at it from a total fleet utilization point of view, in a recent sampling of 50 fleets, 12% [...]

An Easy Way to Improve Customer Retention

Rule #1 for customer retention: The more you stay engaged with your customers providing valuable services, the more likely they are to remain your customers. Sound advice, but a challenge for many businesses whose main interaction occurs annually—we’re looking at you, insurance brokers and carriers! Short of having an insurance claim, the most active communication [...]

3 Reasons Why Telematics Initiatives Fail to Deliver as Promised

Only 25%! That’s the shockingly low percentage of telematics pilot programs that become full fleet deployments. Why so low? Because it takes more than just hardware, a website, and a pat on the back to achieve the desired outcomes. (More on that in a minute…) That means 75% of these telematics projects are failing! After [...]

Keeping Consumers Safe on the Road Isn’t Only About Speeding

Think for a moment about consumers in the care of a human services organization. Think specifically about their safety while on the road being driven to various locations. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you consider whether or not they’re safe? If you’re like most, you probably thought of reducing bad driving [...]