At Orion, we take great pride in helping our customers operate the safest and most efficient fleets on the road. This commitment is ingrained in every aspect of our company culture and is the foundation for the relationship we have with each of our customers and partners.

Safety is the Key to Reduced Costs

The safety of your drivers is a key concern. But did you know that helping your drivers stay safe can yield many other types of benefits?

Coaching drivers to eliminate aggressive driving, speeding, unauthorized stops and unnecessary idling is core to our program.

This improved driver behavior leads to less wear and tear on your vehicles, less fuel use and less accidents. This means reduced maintenance costs, repair costs, fuel costs and insurance premiums.

An Efficient Fleet at Your Fingertips

Knowing where your vehicles are at all times is critical.

Knowing that they’re where they’re supposed to be—following optimized routes—gives you confidence in your operation.

Our solution gives you unprecedented visibility and insight to all fleet operations and movements.

Keep your fleet in sight and in line with our advanced online intelligence portal.

reduction in speeding
reduction in rapid acceleration
reduction in miles per vehicle
reduction in fuel costs per vehicle per month

We Guide You Every Step of the Way

GPS telematics can be a powerful tool. It can also mean a complex mountain of metrics.

That’s why we don’t just give you the technology, we give you our team too!

Think of us as your weekly fleet advisor, helping to monitor metrics and take action to ensure continued program success.

Our platform becomes a self-funded safety improvement program that reaches across all parts of your organization, with reporting tailored to your specific organization and actionable insights delivered to the right levels of management. Through this distributed approach and the work of your assigned Orion Client Success Team, our programs deliver upon the promised value of fleet intelligence without becoming an administrative challenge.

Test Drive & See Actual Results with Your Fleet

We offer a 90-day Value Discovery Program (VDP) to let you test our solution on your fleet. The benefits you’ll discover during this introductory step send a clear signal to your company that real value is there for the taking.

  • Uncover wasteful & risky driving behavior of your employees
  • Validate your return on investment before full fleet expansion
  • Learn how to successfully manage your GPS program
  • Measure and assess your starting point
  • Show that the solution can work for you in your environment
  • Tailor what we deliver and how we deliver it
  • Demonstrate initial results to your organization
expand to full fleet deployments
see improvement within 90 days
Orion customers renew their services

Start Your 90-Day Trial


Its easy to see how we can make a difference with your fleet, so we make it easy to start with us.

Start with our pilot program where we will establish a baseline with you, tailor our reporting to your workflows and deliver some early performance results.

You’ll see that, with our help, this solution can work in your environment and deliver value.

  • We focus on making the information we provide actionable
  • The good driving behavior we generate is sustained
  • We help you achieve these results without adding more work for you