Advanced Fleet Monitoring Services

The essential service for fleet managers to promote fleet safety and control costs without having to master complex technologies or undertake the tireless effort to maintain driver compliance

At Orion, we believe fleet safety and efficiency both arise from good driving behavior.

But the commitment in time and effort to be vigilant with driver oversight is often more than even the most skilled managers can afford. This is compounded by changes in staff, fleet composition or technology.

With Advanced Fleet Monitoring, Orion takes a service-based approach that handles the continuous process of measurement, analysis, and driver-level support to provide just the timely and actionable information you need, tailored to your business workflow. Using vehicle data with Orion’s advanced business intelligence software and expert analysis, these hands-on services ensure you realize rapid and sustained performance.

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Our Proven Approach

The difference is the service. Orion’s unique approach to driver coaching, which promotes adherence to vehicle usage and driving policies over time and supports continuous improvement. Our mandate keeps your double bottom line in focus:

To be among the safest and best performing fleets on the road.

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