Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking

View vehicle locations at all times, along with a history of the route they traveled and what stops were made.
  • Delivers transparency into fleet behavior
  • Aids in dispatching
  • Provides peace of mind

Data Visualization Tools

Identify trends with ease through visual representations of your fleet’s performance.  Analyze data at the fleet level, by type of vehicle, organizational group, or driver.
  • Easily identify outliers & take appropriate action
  • Better understand fleet performance
  • Track how performance evolves
  • Validate GPS process
  • Reveal your ROI
Improved Safety & Fuel Consumption

Automatic Reporting

Receive customized daily emailed reports and SMS text notifications when certain thresholds are reached.  Assign different types of reports to different levels of management within your organization.  Reports and alerts can be tailored to meet the needs of your business.
  • Eliminate the need to manually run reports
  • Receive unlimited multi-recipient reports at no additional cost
  • Eradicate superfluous info—get only the details appropriate for your position/responsibilities

Speed Tracking

Monitor an absolute speed threshold, and compare actual speed to the speed limit. You have the ability to set up Real-Time Alerting and both Automatic and On-Demand Reporting.
  • Achieve better speed limit compliance
  • Reduce the frequency and severity of crashes
  • Encourage safer driving behaviors

Driver Coaching

Pinpoint the drivers in need of compliance coaching—those most responsible for increased fuel costs, at-risk behaviors, and unauthorized stops in vehicles shared by multiple drivers. Our Driver Identification program allows companies to use a key card-like solution to automatically track who is driving and thus responsible for given behaviors, even in cases where multiple drivers have access to the vehicles.
  • Target only those in need
  • Bolster driver compliance
  • Reduce costly inefficiencies
Quickly & easily identify high-risk drivers

Aggressive Driving Monitoring

Receive Real-Time Alerts and/or both Automatic and On-Demand Reporting to notify you of hard break and hard acceleration incidents.
  • Reduce risk within your fleet
  • Encourage safer driving behaviors