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With Orion, you don’t just get the technology, you get the team. We’re your permanent fleet advisor, helping to monitor metrics and suggest corrective action to ensure continued program success.

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New York’s EDCSPIN strengthens its commitment to safety with fleet-wide deployment of Orion’s Fleet Intelligence Program

EDCSPIN recently expanded Orion’s GPS-based Fleet Intelligence Program to its entire fleet. This expansion follows a pilot program involving 15 of EDCSPIN’s vehicles participating in Orion’s 90-day VDP program. The VDP program is specifically designed to demonstrate the benefits possible from following Orion’s unique approach to leveraging the tracking intelligence gleaned from GPS systems combined with its own insightful business intelligence software and expert industry consulting…

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Our Happy Customers

“This program has saved us over $80,000/year in fuel—it actually covers the cost of our auto premiums. We cut dangerous speeding instances by 84%, and eliminated 3.2 hours/month/vehicle of unauthorized travel. My only regret is not starting sooner.”
Senior VP, Finance, Human Services, NCIA
“We had previously deployed another GPS vendor but halted expansion because of the challenges of having to figure out how to make the data meaningful. With Orion’s unique Value Discovery Program, we were able to quickly establish how well they filled this need. The decision to expand to our entire fleet was easy.”
CEO, Delta Community Supports
“A win-win product: we are able to better assure the safety of the residents in our charge, and we can actually save money on insurance premiums, gasoline and vehicle repairs in the process.”
CFO, Independent Living Association
“Orion made it easy to validate our risks and potential savings. The coaching and involvement of the Orion team were critical in ensuring that we not only saw the improvements, but also that we could gain the confidence to expand the program successfully to the whole fleet.”
Executive Director, Richcroft, Inc.