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NYC’s Breakaway Courier Empowers Its Commitment to Fast, Efficient, On-Time Delivery with the Orion Solution

Breakaway Courier elects full deployment of Orion’s Fleet Intelligence solution for its courier fleet of 45 vehicles. The decision comes following Orion’s initial presentation to Breakaway leadership which reviewed the strong safety and efficiency results achieved by Orion’s program, as well as advanced functionality delivered through the system…

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Our Happy Customers

“Since beginning our Fleet Safety Program with Orion in 2011, CRVI has seen a significant improvement in fleet safety, resulting in a six figure reduction in our annual auto premium.”
Executive Director, CRVI
“This program has saved us over $80,000/year in fuel—it actually covers the cost of our auto premiums. We cut dangerous speeding instances by 84%, and eliminated 3.2 hours/month/vehicle of unauthorized travel. My only regret is not starting sooner.”
Senior VP, Finance, Human Services, NCIA
“We had previously deployed another GPS vendor but halted expansion because of the challenges of having to figure out how to make the data meaningful. With Orion’s unique Value Discovery Program, we were able to quickly establish how well they filled this need. The decision to expand to our entire fleet was easy.”
CEO, Delta Community Supports
“A win-win product: we are able to better assure the safety of the residents in our charge, and we can actually save money on insurance premiums, gasoline and vehicle repairs in the process.”
CFO, Independent Living Association
“Orion made it easy to validate our risks and potential savings. The coaching and involvement of the Orion team were critical in ensuring that we not only saw the improvements, but also that we could gain the confidence to expand the program successfully to the whole fleet.”
Executive Director, Richcroft, Inc.

The Latest from the Orion Blog

Fleet Tip – Use Optimal Routing to Minimize Travel Distance

When creating routes for the vehicles in your fleet, several variables compete for your attention including variations in the priority of stops, different pick-up and delivery times and vehicle types. But you are also likely focused on the overall mileage demanded of each route—and with good reason. The […]

Fleet Tip – Teach Your Drivers Not to Sit Idling Between Stops

In a perfect world, your drivers move from points A to B to C while traveling at a safe speed and following all traffic rules. They arrive at each location on-time and on-schedule as planned, pick up or drop off passengers and continue on their journey.

But in many […]

Fleet Tip – Stop Traveling to Unauthorized Locations

We’ve documented that as many as 84 out of 100 drivers are using their fleet vehicles to drive to unauthorized locations. Destinations like drivers’ homes, fast-food restaurants and shopping areas are all found in routing logs.

Looking at it from a total fleet utilization point of view, in a recent […]