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We have the most effective fleet management and driver solutions available to promote safety, efficiency and compliance. When our customers put their drivers on the road,
they trust Orion to help them make sure they’re safe.

How Can Orion Help My Fleet?

We’ll work with you on a regular basis as your partner, helping guide you through driver coaching, data analysis and actionable steps to make improvements across the board.

* typical results

reduction in speeding
reduction in rapid acceleration
reduction in miles per vehicle
reduction in monthly fuel per vehicle

Is Orion Right for You?

Orion is ideal for organizations that can benefit from technology and services to help them vigilantly manage their fleets.

Commercial Fleets

Commercial Fleets

Ideal for commercial fleets of any size, including hired/non-owned vehicles

Regulated Environments

Regulated Environments

Ideal for regulated environments, including human services, healthcare/Medicare and non-profits

Dynamic Fleets

Dynamic Fleets

Ideal for dynamic fleets environments needing critical operational oversight, such as couriers, HVAC and service fleets

The Latest Headlines

New York’s ANIBIC is Ensuring a Safe Ride to the Children They Serve

May 2016
With Orion’s help, ANIBIC has seen some impressive results in fleet safety. Vehicle speeding reduced by 75%. High speed driving virtually eliminated. Hard braking and sudden acceleration reduced by over 40%…

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Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA is Keeping Their Children Safe on the Road with Orion’s Help

Apr 2016
Recently, PFVY launched a pilot program with Orion Fleet Intelligence to help further improve the safe operation of their fleet of vehicles. Within weeks of starting the pilot program, PFVY was able to measure an incredible 80% reduction in vehicle speeding…

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Interstate Courier Express Turns Safe Driving Pilot into Fleet-Wide Benefit

Mar 2016
For almost three decades, Interstate Courier Express (ICE) has been providing competitively priced transportation solutions to its clients. Recognizing the need for maintaining safety in their fleet, ICE management turned to Orion Fleet Intelligence to target high risk driving behavior through safe driver coaching…

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