Orion Impact

Tackling Real Problems

Our customers come to us with critical issues around safety, performance and compliance. Managing safety means helping to cut both the number of accidents as well as their severity—not to mention reducing deductible payouts. Boosting performance starts with eliminating waste—in time, in fuel, in excess mileage—where greater operational efficiency and billing accuracy are the result. Verifying compliance with policies is tough—vehicles must be properly used, drivers must arrive on time. But when addressed, this means greater accuracy, accountability and peace of mind. Orion customers see their accidents drop, operating costs drop and can manage driver behavior with minimal user effort.


Orion Solves Those Problems

Our unique combination of advanced monitoring and analytics, and our expert driver coaching services provide tangible, measurable results that are achieve in weeks but sustained for years!


Orion Results

Success Stories

Whether Human Services, Retail & Logistics, Healthcare, Trade Services & Utilities
we succeed when our customers succeed!

“This program has saved us over $80,000/year in fuel—it actually covers the cost of our auto premiums. We cut dangerous speeding instances by 84%, and eliminated 3.2 hours per month per vehicle of unauthorized travel. My only regret is not starting sooner.”

Senior Vice President, Finance, Human Services, NCIA

Orion Solution

Advanced Monitoring Services

The most effective way to manage fleet safety & performance, Orion’s unique formula combines tech-enabled services that target driving behavior through measurement, analysis and coaching. Using in-vehicle devices, plus Orion’s analysis and advanced monitoring software our Customer Success Team helps track, analyze, report, coach and train to improve a slate of key operational metrics for your organization. Through our coaching and vigilance, we help you achieve rapid and sustained results.


Driver Connect Mobile Suite

Our mobile suite helps automate routine and administrative tasks, measure and boost productivity, and monitor safety. Available through any smartphone or tablet, our suite is both simple to use and simple to deploy.

  • Only safety monitoring solution for hired/non-owned to address privacy
  • Only compliance solution for Fee for Service and Trip Accounting
  • Robust reporting and analysis to accurate validate trips and expenses
  • HIPAA compliant

Driver Connect Mobile Suite

Orion Solution

Start with a Test Drive

Often, the easiest way to understand the value of something is to try it for yourself. And we invite you to do exactly that. Over 90 days, we’ll take 10 of your vehicles through a pilot program that will show you results on a portion of your actual fleet. It’s the ideal opportunity to align your stakeholders to your fleet’s safety and performance potential.

  • See how you’re operating now across key risk and performance metrics
  • Experience Orion’s tracking, coaching and reporting–tailored to your workflows
  • See rapid results for your participating vehicles and drivers